Monday, December 13, 2010

Guest Blogger: Deborah Clark, Contributor to Motivational Book, Life Choices

Joining us today is Deborah Clark, a contributor to the Life Choices: Putting the Pieces Together anthology.

If life didn’t challenge us,how could we know how strong we are?

How would we learn who we are capable of becoming?

There is no such thing as life without struggle. No one comes out of a struggle the same as he or she was when it began. Everyone has to make choices between giving up or growing stronger.

These authors hope that by sharing their stories, you will realize nomatter how many pieces your life is in or what they look like, you can fit them together into a picture of wholeness and success.

Meet the co-authors of Life Choices: Putting the Pieces Together:

Andrea Chestnut
Jasmine Freeman
Anne Dreyer
Kathy Jo Pollack
Vickie Lane
Gregory Lay
Jo Wilkins
Charlotte Foust
Joan Peck
Ginette Osier Bedsaul
April Aimee Adams
Darlene Mahon
Joy Huntsman
Myriam Lazo
Bea Goodwin
Eric Culverson
Cindy Hallam
Deborah Clark
Ann Parenti
Lori La Bey
Becky Buckley
Mike Levin
Peggy Vasquez
Derick Poremba-Brumer
Lynette Chapell

The Analogy Continues by Deborah Clark

Being a part of the Life Choices project has given me an outlet for my passion. I have realized a dream. I have healed. I have learned so much about myself. I am a very different person today. When I contributed my first story to “Navigating Difficult Paths” it was exciting, and a little overwhelming, all at same time. You don’t always see how strong you are until you read about it. In Judi’s book, “You Are Enough” the journal entries are so helpful to finding out what’s going on with you. I had made a lot of accomplishments, as it turns , out I had navigated pretty well. If you don’t see what you are doing, then you don’t know what to do. The journal is key. You need to write it down, read it back, figure it out, or celebrate it.

When the second Life Choices project was announced I thought, “Putting the Pieces Together”, yes I can do that. Once again I looked at my life and was again amazed at what I had done. I was living the paths after having put the pieces together. All of us do what we need to do. All of us get it done. I think we need to give ourselves more credit for making it work. The Life Choices series give real life examples of real people who are just like you. I hope the books will tell people that they are doing much better than they think they are. I think the books will give people real tools to help them navigate and put the pieces together. I want everyone to have the best day of their life, as often as possible. I think people can read the book and see something in one of the stories that will show them the analogy continues.

Deborah Clark is a Speaker, Facilitator, Mentor, Author, Voice Over Artist. As a niche professional speaker, Deborah knows how to deliver programs that provide value to audiences. Deborah is an experienced facilitator with a background in all aspects of meeting development and event organization. Deborah works one-on-one to meet her clients' needs for a successful presentation. Her client's list includes adult school/continuing education programs, professional associations, non-profit groups, and private clients. Most recently, Deborah has a demo featured with PDR Voices of New York City. In addition, Deborah is an active volunteer in her community.

You can reach Deborah at or visit her website at

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