Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Book Review: The Innocent by Vincent Zandri

For a masterfully told thriller, look no further than The Innocent by Vincent Zandri. 

The last year has been tough for Jack "Keeper" Marconi. His wife was killed, and since then, he's been slipping up at his job as warden of Green Haven Prison. He's so distracted, he didn't even see the lies and deceit that are about to tear his life apart.

When a convicted cop-killer escapes with help from the inside, Marconi discovers he's been set up to take the fall. He sets out on a journey to uncover the truth, and his world is turned upside down as friends become enemies, and the truth is even worse than the nightmares of Attica that fill his mind.

Life behind bars may never before have been depicted with such realism as in Zandri's The Innocent. Readers are quickly transported to Green Haven Prison in 1997, the year marked by crazy weather and behavior. Beatings, ODs, a hanging, drugs and VD marked that insane year when Keeper Marconi found himself knee deep in a problem he never could have anticipated.  From the moment the reader enters Marconi's world, she is gripped by an intriguing story, superbly written, and exciting until the very end. With twists and turns at every corner, Marconi uncovers the clues that lead him to the ugly truth; a truth you'll eagerly wish to discover right along with him.

If you enjoy thrillers that include an excellent plot, well-developed characters, and a storyline that never lets you go, then pick up a copy of The Innocent by Vincent Zandri. This book is currently available for only 99 cents for Kindle.

Title:  The Innocent
Author:  Vincent Zandri
Publisher:  StoneGate Ink
ASIN: B00452V7TM


Vincent Zandri said...

Hey thanks for the review...:)
Anyone has any questions or comments they'd like to post here or to me directly, don't hesitate to contact me through my website www.vincentzandri.com

Michelle V said...

Great review, Cheryl! It is a fabulous book!

Molly said...

Awesome review! I loved this book, as well as Zandri's previous works that I have read!


April said...

Great review, Cheryl! This was such a great book! My review will be up tomorrow sometime. Now you have to read Godchild!!

Vincent Zandri said...

Also GODCHILD, the sequel has just been published by StoneGate and it continues where The Innocent leaves off....maybe check it out if you have time....:)))

Cheryl said...

I picked up Godchild last night. Can't wait to read it.

Thanks for stopping by everyone.