Monday, February 20, 2012

Favorite Series

The Discover a Series giveaway is being sponsored by Year Of Jubilee Review, A Single Country Gal & Her Cat, Sea Side Book Nook, The Jolly Blogger, and Life Happens With Kids! As part of this giveaway, I am blogging about a favorite series. While I could have gone with The Left Behind Series by Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye--which is definitely a fabulous series--I opted to go with one of the first series of books I fell in love with: the Civil War trilogy by Michael and Jeff Shaara.

The first book I read is actually the second in the series, The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara. The inspiration for the movie, Gettysburg, starring Tom Berenger, Martin Sheen and Jeff Daniels, the book brings this bloody battle from the War Between the States to life for readers.

Gods and Generals and The Last Full Measure are written by Jeff Shaara. Gods and Generals covers the years in the life preceding the Civil War and the battle where they would meet. The Last Full Measure follows the surviving historical figures after Gettysburg.

For many years, I only read nonfiction, the majority of the books were about the Civil War. I don't buy as many books on the conflict as I used to, but if something unique pops up I will. For many years I had avoided fiction set during the war because much of what was out there was romance novels and I didn't care to read those at the time. This series ended up being perfect for me because even though it allowed the reader into the families whose lives were torn about by the conflict, the main focus remains the war that divided the nation.

A series I would love to read is the First Responder Series by Loree Lough. I read the opening chapter of the first book and am eager to read more.

How about you? What is a series you've enjoyed and one you would like to read?

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