Friday, April 20, 2012

Pool Season and Safety Go Hand in Hand

When pool season arrives, we turn our attention to safety. The family hasn’t had a little one running around in a while, but now that our nephew is toddling, we want to make sure he’s safe around the in-laws’ pool. That’s why we’re considering either a Pool Alarm or Pool Safety Fence.

The Safety Turtle® Child Immersion Alarm Kit includes: one Turtle Wristband including a 7.8 inch locking wristband, key, and matching "baby Turtle" coding plug for the Base Station. The Safety Turtle will work in all kinds of fresh water and no installation is required. A loud alarm sounds at the Base Station when the Safety Turtle is immersed in water, and continues to sound until the alarm is reset. It’s not so sensitive that rain or a light spray will set it off, and the battery will last for three to four years. It’s also portable.

The Above Ground Pool Safety Fence features molded mounting brackets, along with molded caps and stainless steel hardware to provide an attractive finished look. Easy to install, the modular kits allow you to choose how much you need, without ending up with extra parts. The fencing comes in white or taupe to match any décor. The Above Ground Pool Safety Fence comes with a five-year warranty.
Keep family and friends safe this summer with a pool alarm or safety fence.

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Patty Woodland said...

Looks like a very smart idea