Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Garden Update

My friend over at Broken Teepee has been posting such neat pictures of her garden and everything she is making from her harvest, I thought I would share some of our photos. The Lil Princess (8) planted the lettuce this year. Since we used raised beds, we were limited in how much we planted, but we ended up with three nice heads that tasted divine.

The Lil Diva (10) and the Lil Princess planted green beans. I ended up taking this photo of one from our garden (left) and one from the grocery store (right). One of my main reasons for putting the garden in this year is the unnatural color of produce we buy. The extreme heat kept us from getting too many green beans, but they are still our most plentiful vegetable so far.

We had mixed results with our carrots. The Lil Diva planted 16 seeds and ended up with two stubs. Her pumpkin plant took over most of her garden, and there is a tree close to where her raised bed is placed, so perhaps they didn't get enough sun.

The Lil Princess, on the other hand, planted the same amount and was able to pick this handful. We had a couple others we picked a little early to see how it was going. They all tasted great.

I thinned out our corn stalks this week. We all have four or more cobs growing. I also cut back the pumpkin vines. The last time we grew pumpkins, which was in a different location, the leaves contracted a disease that turned the leaves white and prevented future growth. That happened this time too. Not sure what's causing it. I tried cutting off the diseased leaves, but I think it spread too much. We still managed three pumpkins that are already almost all orange. I'll replant again at the end of the month and see what happens.

Next year, I might expand the garden to make it easier to mow around and perhaps improve the garden's ability to tolerate dry conditions. I would still create raised beds, but I'm not sure I would use the 42 x 42 ones. They are too small for what I would like to do. I might move them into my flower beds and use them to create special areas of interest. 


Patty Woodland said...

I should tell you that the hubby's garden is 80 x 100 and we grow our food for the year. It's a HUGE undertaking. I was processing beans and carrot soup yesterday and I was up 'til about 10:30 working on vegetables.

Farming is not for the faint of heart.

Susanne Drazic said...

I had hoped to have some home grown produce to boast about this year, but all my plants died. : ( Hopefully I'll have better luck next year.

Cheryl said...

You are so right, Patty. How did the pioneers do it?

I'm sorry you lost your plants, Susanne. That happened to me the first year I planted a vege garden. Thankfully, I was able to start over and still have enough time to pull in a good harvest. Maybe you can plant some fall veges soon so you can still get something out of it.