Monday, August 13, 2012

You've Got Mail Monday

Back to School season is in full swing. Catalogs from  Land's End, Justice, and Macy's have all made their way to my mailbox, overflowing with back to school deals. In addition, Oriental Trading sent me their birthday catalog to browse through.

It was the Lil Diva's birthday this weekend. She turned 11. She enters the middle school this year (in only three weeks). Hard to believe that this little one,

has become this big one:

Thinking of back to school and the fact that the Lil Diva will have cheerleading practice twice a week and be away from home without me, we opted to buy her a cell phone. I didn't want to do it. but I feel safer if she has it on her.

We opted for the Samsung Brightside™. Though I wasn't thrilled with the reviews I read, the Lil Diva liked it when we were in the Verizon store a couple of weeks ago. The keys on the QWERTY keyboard seem to be a bit bigger than some others, so she finds it easier to type on.

When I stopped by Macy's on Friday, they were running this fabulous sale on bedding. My in-laws had asked me to pick up birthday presents for the Lil Diva from them too, so I chose this lovely Lauren Ralph Lauren comforter that looks fabulous in her room.

This is a down alternative comforter, so it is fluffy and soft. I wasn't sure how she was going to like the plaid, but she loves it and it looks great. Her rug is a darker blue and her walls are a light blue. I opted to go with a dark purple set of sheets to match her lilac and white pink butterfly curtains. I also ordered a hot pink pillow sham, since this package didn't come with one. They do sell one on eBay that has a sham. I also picked up a floral rug to place in front of her bed.

So, for back to school, the Diva's bedroom got an upgrade. She also received some new outfits from her aunt, so she and her room will be heading into this season in style.

That's it for this week's You've Got Mail Monday. Hope you have a great week.


Patty Woodland said...

She looks so much like you. They grow up so fast...I can't believe my eldest niece is 17 and DRIVING!

Cheryl said...

Thanks. If you saw her father you would see all the Greek in her. It's the Lil Princess that looks most like me.

It is tough to see them grow up. John Boy is already 25 and has been married for two years. Yikes!