Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall Cleaning

Fall is my favorite season. Homemade applesauce, the smell of wood burning stoves, and all those leaves to jump in. The one thing I'm not overly fond of--fall cleaning. There are only two times a year I wish we had a maid--spring cleaning and fall cleaning. At least then all the basic areas would be clean and I could merely tackle the big jobs.

This year's big job--the basement. Now, you have to understand, I am the type of person who believes if I haven't used an item in a couple of years, I'm never going to, and therefore it is to be donated. The rest of the gang, however, are pack rats. I love them dearly, but I'm not overly fond of the clutter. Since we are seriously talking of finishing off the basement, I decided some decluttering was in order.

A big job like that needs to be handled in small chunks, if for no other reason than my severe allergies don't allow me to spend hours at a time in the musty, filthy basement. The first day, I tackled unused clothing. The Lil Princess (9), doubled her wardrobe thanks to my project. I found two bags worth of clothes that the Lil Diva (11) had bagged up for her little sister a year ago. Now it's all washed and hanging in the Lil Princess' closet. Clothes that would no longer fit either of them were donated to the church tag sale that takes place the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Then I tackled the shoes. We had four bags of old shoes--many still in fine shape--that the girls don't/can't wear any longer. I wiped them off, matched up pairs, and shipped them off to the church tag sale.

My lovely pack rats tend to save boxes for everything they buy. There are boxes for stereo components we no longer own. There are boxes for dishes that have long since been broken. There are boxes for the larger toys that I'm fairly certain are never going to be disassembled and put back in those boxes for any reason. Over the past two days I've made a bit of a dent in the pile, but this is one area I don't like to allow my throw away nature to run wild. If we ever move, those small appliance, computer, and other large boxes will come in handy.

Now, if I can just get my husband to part with all those spare computer parts that he's really going to do something with someday, we'll be in business.

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Patty Woodland said...

I'm a tosser too and my husband is a keeper. I swear he would keep everything he ever owned 'cause he "might need it one day."

But one day never comes when it's a magazine from 1965!