Monday, December 31, 2012

You've Got Mail Monday

The holidays are almost over, so the inbound mail has slowed down a bit. Not a lot, but some. I've been thinking about next spring's garden, which sounds kind of silly because we have almost a foot of snow on the ground right now.

I blame the mailman for it. My Burpee and Gardener's Supply Company catalogs have already arrived. I also received a new catalog from Frontgate, which is where I bought the hubby's iPad caddy from. I can't afford much of what's in there, but it's still nice to look.

I also recently received a shipment of copies of my latest book, A Christmas Kindness, which I wrote under the pen name C. C. Gevry. Not sure if I'll keep the pen name going forward. Seems like it might be more of a pain than it's worth with separate websites and social media accounts that need tending to.

Other books that have come my way are The Lincoln Conspiracy by Timothy L. O'Brien--thanks Patty, The Last of the Seals and Deadly Plunge by Greg Messel (I'm reading the first one now), and Iconic Spirits by Mark Spivak. It looks like this year is destined to be just as busy in the book review department. Most of my reviews appear at The Book Connection, so I hope you check us out there:

Hope this last day of 2012 has been a good one for you. Thank you for your readership. Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!

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Patty Woodland said...

Yay! Glad it got there. Enjoy it! Happy New Year!