Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Reusing Tip: Packing Away Those Christmas Lights

For years, the picture below is what I would be working with when it came to put up the Christmas trees and garlands. It seemed no matter how carefully I packed up the lights at the end of the season, they would be a tangled mess when I took them out the following year.

I finally got smart. And I didn't have to spend any money to do it. I do most of my shopping online. Amazon is my best friend from November through December. When they package shipments, they often include a cardboard insert. Other vendors do this, too. When it's time to wrap up my Christmas lights, I wind them around these cardboard inserts. They are easy to pack away and stay neat all year long. I also use some of the sturdier food boxes from our groceries. Yes, I could buy those plastic cord winders, but why spend the money when this works just as well. This also makes it much easier to place the lights on the trees when it's time.

It's probably a little late now, but keep this helpful tip in mind for next season.

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Patty Woodland said...

Another good idea. I wrap them around my arm and then use twist ties