Monday, February 25, 2013

You've Got Mail Monday

After an exhausting weekend, it's good to rest up and look through the mail. It was a catalog and magazine week, not much more.

There were the usual culprits, Land's End and Oriental Trading. We just firmed up reservations for a trip to Disney in Florida around Memorial Day weekend, so I'll be needing to pick up a few things for the girls from Land's End--if I can find some good deals. Our vacation might also mean a trip to Justice. The Lil Diva (11) needs a new bathing suit. She went swimming at the YMCA this weekend and hers is a bit tight. It certainly won't fit her in a few months.

One new offering was Boston Proper. They have some beautiful clothes, most of them costing way more than I would spend on myself, but they had a few things I would consider since the prices were reasonable.

My latest issue of All You arrived last week, too. The Easter/spring cover is really making me sick and tired of all this snow. We're expecting another 4 to 8 inches this week. Ugh. All You is one of the magazines that I actually make the time to read because it offers advice and tips I use. The coupons and recipes are an added bonus.

That's it from my neck of the woods. Did you find anything interesting in your mailbox last week?

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Patty Woodland said...

We had snow last night too. I too, am more than ready for a BIG change in the weather. My mail was full of books, books, books and more books.