Thursday, June 20, 2013

All-Natural Alternatives to Bug Spray

As part of our "Going Green" goals, our family is doing what it can to remove harmful chemicals from our house. My mother-in-law recently brought us an article on many wonderful uses of honey and vinegar. She's also a big proponent on using cider vinegar on her skin to repel mosquitoes.

One of the nicest things about our home is that we are surrounded by woods on three sides, which makes it very private. The woods are home to many animals that I love to watch through the windows in my office. The wetlands, however, are home to those pesky mosquitoes. We love grilling and sitting outside, but by May, those pests make you want to duck for cover.

"10 Insect Repelling Alternatives to Bug Spray" is a great article for people like us who are trying to reduce the amount of chemicals we use. We already do some of the suggestions on this list: citronella candles and torches and no perfume or scented body washes through the summer. Planting a bug-repelling garden caught my eye. I add deer-resistant plants to my garden, so why not bug-repelling plants like marigolds and catnips?

"Going Green" is a learning experience for all of us. Just like my garden, I learn as I go and try to read as much as I can.

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