Thursday, June 20, 2013

To Wait or Not to Wait....That Is The Question

A challenging decision for many parents is when to enroll their children in kindergarten. I honestly didn't realize how challenging until I discovered my mistake.

My son's birthday is in May. Back when he went to school (oh my gosh, I'm saying that about one of my kids, I must be old), the cutoff date was five by October 1st. His birthday was in May, so we sent him.

Many years later (14 to be exact), the Lil Diva' came along. Her birthday is in August. Our district's cutoff date is five by September 1st, so we sent her to kindergarten a month after she turned five. And that poor girl has struggled academically ever since. She is usually the youngest child in her class. Though in preschool we noticed she had trouble writing her name and couldn't read yet, it never crossed our minds to keep her in preschool another year. With tutors and after school help she has made substantial strides, but I still can't help but wonder how different her learning experience would have been if we had waited to send her to kindergarten.

The following article provides information on what to consider before enrolling your child in kindergarten. I wish someone had sat down with us and asked us to think about these things before enrolling our child.

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So many things to consider