Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Are We There Yet?: How to Survive the Holidays when Traveling with Kids

Traveling with kids around the holidays isn't always easy--no matter how old they are. Boredom sets in on long trips. I remember when the girls were younger and I would try to pack everything we might need while away. Just thinking about all I used to lug around makes my back hurt.

Then there's the arguing.

"Her foot's on my side."

"No, it's not."

"Is too."


"Mom, she hit me."

"Did not."

As the girls got older, I learned to plan better and pack better. Keeping them busy while in the car leaves them less time to complain about how long the trip takes.

"How to Survive the Holidays when Traveling with Kids" provides tips and tricks that make holiday travel easier on everyone. You can find the full article at


Patty Woodland said...

heh heh - her foot's on my side.

Cheryl said...

You're so naughty.