Saturday, December 14, 2013

Guest Blogger: Holiday Stress Busters for Moms by Paul Taylor

The holidays can be a stressful time for moms. You are always in charge of making sure no one is forgotten, everyone has a gift they will love, and every gathering turns out perfectly. That kind of stress can make the holiday season seem less a joy and more a pain in the neck. However, there are some ways you can bust this stress and get back into the spirit of the holidays:

1.      Quiet Time – The first thing I always tell my friends and myself is to make sure you have some quiet time every day. This can be first thing in the morning or any time during your day. Just have some time without any other distractions to calm down and let your brain de-stress. A few minutes of quiet time can help you unwind enough to reset your thinking and have a great day.
2.      Keep It Simple – It is great if you have the resources to buy a bunch of gifts or throw a dozen parties, but it is also stressful juggling all that too. Why put that all on yourself? Keep things simple and cut down on your to-do list for a less stressful holiday season.
3.      Remember the Meaning – Another thing we often forget in all the rush is the meaning behind the holidays we celebrate. Holidays were made to remember the love of friends and family. Do not get so caught up in gifts or gatherings that you forget it is the people that matter. Take time to remember what is really important and your stress levels will go down.
4.      Do Something for You – Many moms get caught up in the cycle of buying and thinking about everyone else. What about you? Take a moment to enjoy the holidays. Get a massage, get your nails done, stop to enjoy a cup of coffee, or even buy yourself a nice gift. It is the little things that can help to make us feel like people again and more than just the mom machine!
5.      Let Go of Perfection –Last, but certainly not least, let go of the idea that you have to make everything perfect. It stinks, but you can pretty much be guaranteed something will go wrong or someone will be unhappy. Do not make perfection your goal. Instead, work to make your goal enjoying yourself and providing an environment where others can feel your love. Your heart is what matters, not your gifts or the perfection of your gatherings.       

Don’t turn into a Scrooge. Instead, let yourself enjoy the holidays for what they are: a chance to be with friends and loved ones. Take the time to make the holidays something to remember and not something to stress about. Spend time with your kids and your family and take a break from shopping and decorating to really sit down and enjoy your holiday. You deserve a break too!

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