Friday, December 6, 2013

Guest Blogger: Kelly Preston, Author of Real Dogs Don't Whisper

The award winning book, Real Dogs Don't Whisper (, highlights my life journey caring for four special needs dogs and the life lessons they taught me along the way. The overall message within Real Dogs Don’t Whisper is about giving those with special needs a second chance. The book touches on integrity, unconditional love, leadership, trust, stopping abuse and opening your heart to receive and give both unconditional love and friendship. To lighten the message, I developed a co-author, Mr. MaGoo; Mr. MaGoo is my Lhasa Apso and he is larger than life. He adds humor within the book; sharing with the reader how life is so tough for him being the only male in the house and living with a crazy lady, me.

Our Pets Can Teach Us about Life – 
The Importance of Consistency
by Kelly Preston

Thank you for having me stop by to increase awareness for special needs pets, it is amazing how much our pets can teach us about life. Special needs pets teach us much more than about love and friendship. They teach us about the meaning of second chances and miracles. They teach us about life. For instance, one life lesson that my special needs pets taught me was the importance of consistency and follow through. With several of them being on medication and some of the medication being time sensitive, I quickly learned through this experience the value of being there, consistently. If I missed any of the medications or was late, their health would take a turn for the worse. I signed up to be their provider and health care giver; their health and lives depended on me. When I quickly realized this, I gained the valuable lesson of follow through.

Based in San Jose, Calif., animal lover Kelly Preston is an award winning author of Real Dogs Don’t Whisper, a book in which she talks about her experiences and adventures with her special needs dogs and the life lessons they have taught – how she has learned and grown from them and they have learned and grown from her. Preston also produces Mr. MaGoo’s Corner, a free monthly dog-focused newsletter that features a reader of the month, birthday announcements, green pet tips, organic dog recipes and more. Kelly Preston also published a children’s picture and coloring book, Mister Spunky and His Friends; a book to teach children about love, friendship and helping others with special needs.

Mr. MaGoo is a nine-year-old Lhasa Apso and the book’s co-creator and co-writer. He is, in his own words, “the alpha and omega of all dogs – in the cutest and sparkiest, most fun-loving package ever.” Ignoring Kelly’s persistent eye-rolling, Mr. MaGoo has forged ahead with this project in an attempt to, as he puts it, “present the facts from a dog’s perspective. In other words, the correct, most accurate, most interesting, only-one-that-matters perspective,” to which he adds, simply, “Woof!”

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Thank you for highlighting Real Dogs Don't Whisper and increasing awareness for special needs

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