Sunday, December 15, 2013

Is Raising Your Child as a Vegetarian Healthy?

Have you considered raising your child as a vegetarian? I remember when the Lil' Diva was a baby. When I went back to work and couldn't pump as often as I would like, I supplemented breast milk with formula. The regular formula made her stomach upset, so she drank soy formula the rest of the time she was on the bottle. It definitely made a difference.

My husband and I aren't vegetarians, but I wonder if I had gone that route if our children would be better, healthier eaters. A growing trend in parenting is raising vegetarian children, but some critics argue children might not get the nutrients they need with a meatless diet. "Raising a Vegetarian: The Growing Trend – Is it Healthy for Children?” shares Lauren Schmitt's opinion on the matter. Schmitt is a registered dietitian, nutritionist and certified personal trainer with Healthy Eating and Training, Inc. and is in favor of children being raised as vegetarians. You can read the entire article at

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