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TV Movie Review: Window Wonderland (2013)

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Chyler Leigh plays Sloan Van Doren, a driven young woman determined to become the next window dresser at McGuire's Department Store. Also interested in the job is artist Jake Dooley (Paul Campbell). Mr. Fitch, who heads up advertising and promotion, challenges Sloan and Jake to create a series of seasonal storefronts. The creator of the window that gets the most attention from passersby will get the job.

As the competition moves along, a mutual attraction develops between the serious and professional Sloan and the happy-go-lucky Jake, which is hampered by the contest and Sloan's rich boyfriend. With support from the store's window washer, Mac (Terence Kelly) and bathroom attendant Rita (Naomi Judd), it's anyone's game to win.

This romantic seasonal comedy is another new movie in Hallmark Channel's Countdown to Christmas lineup. I loved every minute of it. Sloan and Jake work for an extravagant department store in the city vying for a chance to become the new window dresser. Sloan has the college education, but Jake has natural artistic ability, which irritates Sloan to no end.

Sloan's boyfriend, Kenneth (Cameron Mathison) is a wealthy businessman. He doesn't take Sloan's job seriously and can't understand why she does either. It doesn't help that Sloan is so embarrassed by her family that she can't even bring herself to introduce them to Kenneth.

Window Wonderland has all the trademark elements of a great Hallmark Channel movie: romance, conflict, humor, a great setting, and a cast of actors who play their parts superbly. This seasonal movie would be nice to unwind with by the fireplace or to watch while trimming the tree. The storefront windows definitely inspire. And the surprise ending is a nice treat.

You can catch it again on Christmas Day at 6/5C.

I recorded this movie through my cable provider. This review contains my honest opinions, which I have not been compensated for in any way.

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