Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Diary of a Busy Mom: Life Lesson Alert

Today brought about one of those unexpected life lessons. The Lil' Diva--my strong-willed child, the one I complain about the most, the one I swear has none of my genes at all--received an award at school. Each month the school administration and teachers focus on teaching a different character value. Morning Meetings (see Responsive Classroom) and assemblies focus on topics surrounding this character value. The month of December was "Caring."

For December, the Lil' Diva was nominated by her teachers to receive an award for exemplifying "Caring." Her father and I attended the ceremony this morning, where we had a chance to hear from her Star Time (homeroom) teacher why she was selected for this award.

This was an eye-opening experience for me.

Her teacher described a young woman who is not always the person I see. He called her dedicated to and focused on her school work. He said she was respectful at all times and listens well. And the main reason she received this award is how much she thinks of others. Her teacher cited how every day she wishes all of her teachers a good day or a good weekend, and it brightens their days.

Those aren't behaviors I usually see displayed here, but that's really not the point. No parent can complain when an outsider praises her child. Obviously they see a side to the Lil' Diva that is different from the one I see. And it got me to thinking about how important it could be if I looked at her through the lens her teachers do. What if I saw her as the dedicated, focused, respectful, caring young woman that is part of their classroom five days a week?

My mother-in-law has often says that if I want change, I have to be the one to initiate it. She's right. Perhaps it's my opinion that needs to change in order to encourage my daughter to let those wonderful traits shine through here like they do at school.

I've been incorporating daily Bible reading and prayer in my life since the new year began. Looks like I need to focus on changing my heart and mind toward my daughter during this time.


Patty Woodland said...

It is usually the people most like us the get under our skin the most. And it's often the traits we don't want to recognize in ourselves that are the ones that drive us batty in others.

Cheryl said...

Very true.