Friday, February 21, 2014

Guest Blogger: Tips for Stress Free Cleaning by Ken Myers

Sometimes the mess in my home can be a little overwhelming. Something happens, like an unexpected illness, and your cleaning schedule gets all thrown off. By the time things get back to normal your home is in disarray and everything needs to be cleaned. However, if you are anything like me you don’t have days on end to devote solely to cleaning. Instead of getting worried and stressed out, try these tips:

  1. Clean for Looks – The first thing I do when I start to get overwhelmed is to think practically. What rooms in my home are strangers going to see? The living room and kitchen are big points for me. I make sure I pick up those areas first. You don’t have to do a deep clean. Just think about what you would do if you knew company was coming in an hour. Pick up the clutter, wipe off the dust and fluff the pillows. Once you clear it up a little it makes you feel much better.
  2. Quick Clean – Another thing I try to do is quick clean. Instead of taking a night away from my life to scrub floors I take thirty minutes. I set a timer and do whatever project is on my mind for that long. When the timer goes off I am done, no questions asked. That way you can get on with the rest of your life but still accomplish something.
  3. Task Clean – Sometimes you are just in the mood to do one kind of work. Maybe it is dusting or sweeping or mopping. If that is the case, then don’t fight it. Do that one task all over your home. Mop the kitchen, vacuum the living room, and get all the junk off your bedroom floor. By focusing on just one task you can accomplish a lot.
  4. Location Clean – You can also focus on just one room or even a corner of the room. The kitchen is hard for me to do, so it is the first thing I tackle. I get it cleaned from floor to ceiling and then I see the results of my work. Wow, it feels good to have at least one perfect room! By focusing on one room or area you can see the results of your work and have a place to retreat to when you start to get stressed.
These are just a few ideas to help your stress levels when the junk starts to pile up. Do not get overwhelmed or give up. Instead, take it one day at a time and do what you can.

Ken Myers is a father, husband, and entrepreneur. He has combined his passion for helping families find in-home care with his experience to build a business. Learn more about him by visiting @KenneyMyers on Twitter.

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