Saturday, April 5, 2014

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge - E #atozchallenge

I had planned to schedule this final post to end the first week of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge last night, but my kids had other plans. We went to Barnes and Noble. I browsed. The girls each bought a new book.

Hope you're having fun following along with this challenge and that my randomness doesn't seem too far out there. Actually, I was just thinking of something I used to do with a group of friends of mine. We all love the classic family show, Little House on the Prairie. All these ladies were also fans of Dean Butler, the actor who portrayed Almanzo Wilder on the show. My challenge was that these ladies could give me any word and I could tie it back to Dean and/or Almanzo. Let's see how that works out with the letter "E."

Eggnog -  Eggnog is made from raw or pasteurized eggs. The Wilders were farmers, so they had chickens, which laid eggs, which ends up with Dean Butler who portrayed Almanzo Wilder.

Ébrillade -  This is the motion of jerking a horse's rein when it does not turn. Anyone who knows the history of Almanzo Wilder knows he had a fascination for Morgan horses. So did his wife. Ébrillade leads to horses, which leads to Almanzo, and ends with Dean Butler.

Euthenics -  This is the science concerned with improving living conditions. In the episode, "Plague," the town is infected with typhoid and the church/school becomes a hospital to care for the sick. With so many people dying, some of the men searching for the source of the problem, which is found in a shed filled with cornmeal infested with rats. While this episode occurs before Almanzo and his sister, Eliza Jane, came to live in Walnut Grove, Laura Ingalls is affected. Laura eventually marries Almanzo, which leads back to Dean.

It's a silly game. These were mostly easy ones, but the ladies used to come up with tough ones that took some thinking.

Hope you have a great weekend.


Bonnie Gwyn said...

Very awesome! Got to love Little House. :) <3

Patty Woodland said...

I love how you have your girls involved in this blogging challenge. I have never seen an episode of that show. said...

This is fantastic. As a serious fan of the Laura series, I was captivated by your post. Thanks for livening up my day!