Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge #atozchallenge

Today kicks off the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge. The Busy Mom's Daily has participated the past few years. Here are a few of the themes I've blogged about in the past:

  • History (2013)
  • Healthy foods and recipes (2012)
  • Animals (2011)
  • Flowers (2011)

I've really struggled this year to decide if I should go with a theme or just do what I did in 2011 and share a variety of things. In the end, I think I'll go with a mix. I'm going to share a new word with definition each day, along with something about Going Green or Healthy eating, and maybe a history or book blurb.

Acology - the study of medical remedies.


Ammonia - is a natural cleaner, but it is also a very dangerous substance. This article from Reader's Digest offers 17 "Clever ways to use ammonia in your kitchen, garden and all around the house."


Avoxes - Servants who have had their tongues ripped out for rebelling against the Capitol. As Valerie Estelle Frankel states in her book, Katniss the Cattail: An Unauthorized Guide to Names and Symbols in Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games, Avoxes "represent the helpless civilians and disenfranchised minorities who often die in a war they had no power to stop." For more about the Avoxes from The Hunger Games Series, you can visit The Hunger Game Wiki at http://thehungergames.wikia.com/wiki/Avox

Good luck to everyone participating in this challenge.


Deaf Mamma said...

Hi Cheryl, i learnt three new words from you today. Looking forward for next.


Julie Jordan Scott said...

Such an interesting display of words! I love language and writing (obviously!) and look forward to learning more new words from you!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for visiting. Hope to keep it interesting for everyone this year. Good luck with the challenge.

Cecilia said...

great words on you A day. Thank you for visiting me too. Have a wonderful challenge with or without a theme.

Rebecca Camarena said...

Great post Cheryl. Today, I did mine on Alliteration in Children's book titles. It's hard to decide whether to do a theme or a mix.

Mark Clough said...

An interesting post. I'm returning your visit to me at http://olivegroveview.blogspot.gr/2014/04/a-is-for-abba.html This is my first go at the A to Z Challenge and I can already see it takes some doing and you've done it lots of times! Is there a secret?

Cheryl said...

Thanks for stopping by, Cecilia, Becky, and Mark. Not sure if there really is a secret, Mark, but I definitely believe it helps if you find something that is of benefit to other readers. For whatever reason, my stats went down in April 2012 while participating. I thought healthy eating would be a good topic for my audience, but maybe there weren't enough recipes or perhaps it was too basic. Last year went better. I think posting to the Facebook group helps, as does making sure to comment on other blogs and leaving your link so the person can simply click on the link to visit the commenter's post. Good luck!

Ava Quinn said...

Wow! Great A words today. I love when I learn something new, and you've taught me a few things! Thanks! Hope you enjoy this year's AtoZ as much as the past ones you participated in!

Cheryl said...

Thanks Ava. Loved your blog post today.

Melanie Schemanski said...

I am in for a new list of vocabulary this month I see! Awesome

Preethi Venugopal said...

Will visit every day hopefully to learn new words.. Thanks for sharing..All the best for the challenge..

Patty Woodland said...

I remember how much fun this was last year